Thinkorswim Tutorial: How to Use Thinkorswim?

thinkorswim tutorial

Thinkorswim tutorial how to use thinkorswim?  I think every beginner trader wants to learn thinkorswim but due to lack of resource they can’t learn it properly. So I thought why not to write an article on thinkorswim tutorial & explain how to use thinkorswim. This article will help you to understand thinkorswim, how to use thinkorswim & all other aspects related to this trading platform. If anyone need thinkorswim tutorial just read this article, follow the steps & become a professional thinkorswim trader.

thinkorswim tutorial

Thinkorswim Tutorial: How to Use Thinkorswim?

Below we have given four steps to use thinkorswim. Every step should be followed in correct way or else you will face difficulty to work with this software. So let’s start the article with our first step.

First Download Thinkorswim:

We already know that thinkorswim is a desktop software & now you can also install it on your mobile device as well. So first of all you will have to download & install thinkorswim on your system. Please remember in order to use thinkorswim you need a TD Ameritrade account. It’s completely free to open an account with TD Ameritrade just go to their official website & register. Now to download thinkorswim you can go to this page & download the latest version.

Now Learn Thinkorswim:

Learning thinkorswim is not a difficult task & you can learn it too in a very easy way. If you are not familiar with this software & you need a complete guidance as a beginner then thinkorswim offers you some great resources. Just go their official website & enter the learning center. For your convenience here is the direct link of thinkorswim learning center. Here you will get everything which you need to learn.

Start with paperMoney:

If you are complete beginner then I’ll not recommend you to directly jump into trading with real money. If you have some experience then it’s ok to start trading with real money. But this article is written for beginners so I’m assuming most of you are from beginner category. So it is highly recommended to start trading with paperMoney which is a virtual money. It gives investors a great chance to test their strategy and improve their skill. It also a great way for new investors to adapt themselves on the thinkorswim platform. Thinkorswim offers paperMoney account funded with $100,000 of virtual money which you can use to practice trading.

Get help from support:

When we are just started to learn thinkorswim then we need good support team who can help us if we encounter some problem. According to my experience, thinkorswim customer service is best in the industry. Apart from human support there there is also a chatbot named Ted. This chatbot is good at providing directions to all of the broker’s investing tools, tutorials, key data and whatever you need to know.

Final Words:

So guys I hope this article will be helpful for every thinkorswim beginner. There is also an education tab in thinkorswim, there you will get everything you needed to understand more about this trading software, as well as important educational materials regarding financial markets and trading. I would say they teach you everything from scratch so rarely you will need to google something. But If you want you can also ask for help by commenting below & we will answer your question.


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